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The Next Challenge Begins September 2017 

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“I feel like I joined the mind gym. Hard to believe you could have lifted all those weights before you do. Ugh! Hard. Sweat. Rewarding.” 

- Anna Gutkina 

“I've never done journaling and it hit me today that one of the benefits is seeing recurring mental streams and themes in your life with more spaciousness. Very cool.” 

- Donna Silvestro 

And I’m challenging you to write something every day for 30 days, starting April 24, 2017. We’ll do this together, as a collective of people leading our lives, careers and businesses with intention: we’ll all apply butt glue*, sit down and write!

You can use the Challenge to build your own daily writing practice for emotional groundedness, calm and clear-mindedness. To get out of perfectionism and into flow. To reset yourself for eagerness and enthusiasm.

You can just write along to my daily prompts and watch things start to shift, in your leadership and your life. You can use it to get unstuck and release some old inner messes. To get clear on what you’re here for and how you’re going to get after it.

Or you can use it to work on that book you’ve always wanted to write. (We’ve had some people write over 25,000 words each, and others publish 30 days of blog posts in the course of this Challenge.)

This Challenge is for you, and you can work it any way you want to. I’ll provide the structure, guidance and platform for you to make the most of it.

“Day 28 in the bag. And I found the secret to my happiness at the bottom of this one! So unexpected and so welcome!” 

- Meghna Majmudar


  • A mental and emotional windshield wiper, so you can start every day free and clear, eager for what’s ahead. 
  • It’s how you learn to speak up, express yourself, and ask for what you need. It’s how you learn to make your case and tell your own story. 
  • It’s a container for metabolizing past experiences, keeping what nourishes you and releasing everything else. 
  • It will teach you how to tap into creativity and flow anytime you need it. 
  • If you’re stuck, it’ll help you get unstuck. 
  • It will help you release old, broken stories and patterns and step into next-level ways of operating in your life. 
  • This Challenge will expand your capacity to create things and to live an all-in life. 

“During the challenge I found myself taking action towards daydreams I had harbored for a long time. I would write for 30 mins in the mornings, then spend 15 minutes investigating new ideas online, reaching out to new people, etc. I love how the act of writing every morning enabled that proactivity in me!” 

- Howard Perry


When you sign up, I'll send you:

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  • An invitation to our private Slack channel, where I’ll post the occasional super-short video, inspiration and all of the daily prompts. Here you’ll also find an incredible community of other conscious leaders who are using the power of daily writing to be and do and create and live.
  • A daily morning email from me with a writing prompt (you can take or leave the prompt)
  • A daily evening nudge email from me, based on insights from goal science, to help make sure you get your daily writing done 

“I have decided to make more art. I have decided to be more human and cut myself some slack.”  

- Andrea Gordon

  • People who know they have leader status within them and know they were put here to bring something great into the world, whether they are walking it out or not.
  • People who see the world through the lens of consciousness, and are trying to lead their lives and businesses intentionally.
  • People who desire to put their souls on deck and step more fully into their life’s calling.
  • People who have tried to develop a writing practice or write a book or blog, but haven’t been able to get it done (yet). 
  • Lovely, onward and upward human beings who want to release their fears, anxieties and old, played-out operating systems and stories.
  • Conscious leaders who want to connect with other conscious leaders and livers. 

“As a result of taking Tara's 30 Day Writing Challenge, I decided to cut off clients that don't deserve me, and make space for people that are better to deal with. I think it will be very profitable and better for my stress level." 

- Anonymous


You can choose your own adventure in this Challenge. Mixing-and-matching is encouraged.


You know you want or need to make a shift or transition, in any area of your business or your life. You want to cultivate clarity around your purpose, in general, or around your vision for 2017. You’re ready to level up. 


You’ll want to follow the prompts I issue every day. They take you on an intentionally sequenced personal hero’s journey of releasing the old, finding your voice, tapping into your personal genius and creating a vision for the next season of your life. 


You want to create a writing practice, to learn how to create groundedness and clarity of thinking, any time you need it. 


You’ll mostly engage in free-writing. I’ll teach you how. If you get stumped, you can always use the daily prompt. 


You have a book, blog, business or passion project you’d like to generate a lot of momentum and progress on, in a finite period of time. 


I’ll help you generate flow and creativity and get out of perfectionism, so you can get those words on the page. 


“This morning's prompt spoke to me, and loudly. I've already written for today, and it poured out of me. Whoa. Haven't even finished coffee #2, but I feel worlds better!"  

- Heather Elias 


Want the backstory on why I started issuing these Challenges last year? Here you go: Souls on Deck: My Call to Action to You, Conscious Leader. 

Yours and ever onward, 

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“I feel a sense of freedom from my past that had been weighing my heart down. Revived. Spark of excitement. Stopped procrastinating so much"  

- Anonymous 

“It was really empowering to start a book I have had brewing in me for 20 years. I actually think I have something meaningful to say, and this was a safe place to explore that. I am grateful.”  

- Andrea Gordon