Join Tara’s Free 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders

Join Tara’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders

“I am kind of amazed. I didn’t think I’d be able to accomplish that. But there you are…I did, and I’m damn proud.”

“Day 28 in the bag. And I found the secret to my happiness at the bottom of this one! So unexpected and so welcome!”

Start Spring 2017 with energy, intention and flow

Get on the list! The challenge starts in April.

The Challenge begins in April 2017!


Hey, ya’ll – c’est moi. I’m challenging you to drop comfort and write something every day for the month of April.

Every day in April, we’ll apply butt glue*, sit down and write. You can work on your 2017 vision and goals, you can work on that book you’ve always wanted to write, or you can just write along to my daily prompts and watch things start to shift, in your leadership and your life.

Or all of the above!

These 3 types of folks will get unstuck and deactivate some old, tired life limitations – do any of these describe you?

  • You know you want or need to make a shift or transition, in any area of your business or your life
  • You want to cultivate clarity around your purpose, in general, or around your vision for 2017
  • You want to create a writing practice, whether it be a daily journal no one ever sees or whether you are desperate to (finally) write the book that’s been burning in your heart.


The Challenge is free. When you sign up (above), I’ll send you:

  • A one-sheet of instructions for participating, including a tool to track your progress
  • A link to a private Facebook page, where I’ll post the occasional super-short video, inspiration and all of the daily prompts. . . and where you can (optionally) post any writing you do during the Challenge, if you really want to connect and share
  • A daily morning email from me with a writing prompt (you can take or leave the prompt)
  • A daily evening nudge email from me, based on insights from goal science, to help make sure you get your daily writing done

Want the backstory on why I’m issuing this challenge? Here you go: Souls on Deck: My Call to Action to You, Conscious Leader.

Yours and ever onward,

P.S.: If you sign up and don’t get an email, check the promotions, social and (gasp!), spam folders of your inbox. If you still don’t see it, drop us a note: 30WDChelp at

*According to Stephen King, “butt glue is gluing your butt to the chair in front of the computer and not getting up until you’ve written something.”

What People Are Saying:

“Tara has the gift of finding the right words in the Universe of words – words that are not cliche and thus are more powerful and leading to change. Thank you for that gift!”

“I feel like I joined the mind gym. Hard to believe you could have lifted all those weights before you do. Ugh! Hard. Sweat. Rewarding.”

“Thank you Tara-Nicholle and the community here. I’ve been lurking but seeing these updates gave me the encouragement to write daily and dig deep. Looking forward to using these discoveries to finish strong this year and start 2017 with a bang!”

“I’ve never done journaling and it hit me today that one of the benefits is seeing reoccurring mental streams and themes in your life with more spaciousness. Very cool.”

“This morning’s prompt spoke to me, and loudly. I’ve already written for today, and it poured out of me. Whoa. Haven’t even finished coffee #2, but I feel worlds better!”

“So grateful for this practice and your guidance.”

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