mindbody green stop being mean to yourself about your weightHow To Stop Being Mean To Yourself About Your Weight (Seriously!)

Recently, my kettlebell coach told me about some research he’d done on body image norms among various African cultures. I was fascinated to hear how some groups take great pains to intentionally “fatten up” young women to boost their marriage prospects. But it almost instantly reminded me of the old European royals and the fact that looking heavy was once an indicator of wealth, health and prosperity.

These examples sound bizarre to us, but they also surface a sort of wonderful possibility. We each possess the power to be the boss of how much mental real estate we devote to our weight. We don’t have to surrender how we feel about our bodies to any media storyline or fashion trend or ad campaign.

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Date: March 16, 2014
Time: 4:43 a.m.
Appearance: How To Stop Being Mean To Yourself About Your Weight (Seriously!)
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