The [Adjective] [Number] Things You Need to Know About Clickbait
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The [Adjective] [Number] Things You Need to Know About ClickbaitWhile running the real estate blog for Trulia, then-marketing manager Tara-Nicholle Nelson got a surprising email. A woman wrote in to tell her that a Trulia blog post saved her marriage. It wasn’t about the perfect combo of beds and bathrooms or whether to buy a Craftsman or a Colonial. It instead outlined the variables that make up one’s vision of a home — a proxy for how buyers wanted to live after they bought a home. The article’s title clearly defined what would follow after the click — and delivered. Having found the advice, the woman and her partner changed the tenor of their conversation. They stopped quibbling about specific properties and started talking about how they wanted to live together. That’s the impact that actionable content paired with faithful headlines can have. Under Nelson’s watch, the blog’s readership grew to 11 million regular readers. Since, Nelson has become an expert in building branded content that can reach customers and improve their lives.

After Trulia, Nelson was the VP of Marketing for MyFitnessPal, where she more than doubled users to 100 million, drove a 25% increase in user engagement and oversaw the eventual $475 million acquisition by Under Armour. She then became VP of Marketing at Under Armour Connected Fitness, where she oversaw growth, engagement, content marketing and user insights. Nelson now consults on these topics and has written The Transformational Consumer, a book about building brands and customer engagement by tapping into the human aspiration for a better life.

Here, Nelson talks about how to combat clickbait and create real engagement through content. She outlines the top mistake companies make in content marketing and the process to mapping your customers’ journeys in order to create content that is actionable and impactful.

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Date: January 12, 2017
Appearance: The [Adjective] [Number] Things You Need to Know About Clickbait
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